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and certainly with the families of sandy hook. i would like to thank the families who flew all the way here from newtown, connecticut for joining us here today in san francisco. and while you are far away from home, i hope that you feel welcomed in our city. as a father of two girls myself, i can't imagine the pain and grief that you have suffered these past three months. and i have profound respect for your courage and for your commitment, for turning this grief into action. the tragic and horrifying events in sandy hook elementary school, touched every american, a tragedy of this magnitude brings along with it the pain, the shock, and the disbelief. and it forces all of us to ask the question how can we prevent such terrible events? how do we protect our children? our youth, our residents? for san francisco, it is very important for us to continue to have an open dialogue regarding gun violence so that we can answer these questions ourselves. today, we honored the three-month anniversary of the tragic mass shootings at sandy hook, elementary school, with technology leaders from san francisco a
. sandy hook promise, innovation initiative. and in the days immediately after the december 14th tragedy, leaders from the tech community, including ron con way and others have shown incredible support for newtown. we are so grateful for their support and we are eager to start working alongside with them to innovate our way to a safer nation. with that, i would like to introduce ron con way. >> thank you. i want to first recognize the families in the front row. we have three families from sandy hook itself, families who lost children, in the tragedy. and then, we also have three local families. and all of you are national heroes. and instead of being bitter, after you lost your children, you are taking action to make the world a better place. you are national heroes. i am new to this issue. i became friends with gabby giffords last year, my good friend, larine jobs introduced me to gabby and mark and we instantly became friends. my wife and i started doing work on gabby and mark's effort which was then the institute for civil discourse but has now converted to being more active on the vi
's attention here. we can make 200 people be quiet. we have to make a tribute to what happened today in sandy hook, and a tribute to gabby. and during that tribute which was pallpable, i could tell that the tech community was going to do something. and we did. on december 15th, we started an ad hoc committee of tech volunteers, many of them luminaries in the industry. and we convened three subcommittees that went to work. and we had a defining conference call on december 17th, 72 hours after the tragedy. there were 150 people on that call. 50 of them gathered together in an office in san francisco. and we took action. we resolved that we were going to do something, we convened into the subcommittees that very quickly rallied around the governor of connecticut asked for a moment of silence on the one-week anniversary of the tragedy. so we rallied around that and attracted hundreds of thousands of participates by signing a petition on causes, that i launched, and then we also used some of our tactics from social media, and blacked out over 2,000 web sites for the moment of silence on the one-we
not a sprint and we are very, very committed. the effort is called the sandy hook promise innovation initiative. and in tech we love buzz words. so we have three initiatives underneath the sandy hook promise initiative. number one, we have the tech committee to reduce gun violence. the second one is the sandy hook promise investment effort. jim pitco who is going to speak next is going to talk about the tech committee to reduce gun violence and review the sandy hook promise investment effort. but in short, we have gathered 30 of the top angels and vcs in america and their names are in the press kit. who are prioritizing innovation to reduce gun violence. we have a subcommittee that will quickly review those opportunities and then, syndicate investment in those opportunities. we can build some huge companies around this issue. and then, the third effort is the sandy hook innovation challenge which is a prize effort that jim pitco will tell you more about right now. thank you. >> thank you. and i want to thank the individuals and families from sandy hook promise and from our
. my name is francine wheeler. david is with me. we live in sandy hook, connecticut. david and i have two sons. is aldest son, nate, fourth-grader at sandy hook elementary school. our younger son, then, is six. he was murdered in his first grade classroom on december 14, exactly four months this weekend. david and i lost our beloved son and nate lost his best friend. it turned out to be the last morning of his life. he told me out of the blue, i still want to be an architect, mama, but i also want to be a paleontologist because that is what nate is going to be and i want to do what nate does. 's life -- love for fun was unmatched. he could not wait to get to school every morning. third theyed at his auto recital. .e was bright and spirited until that morning, 20 of our children and six of our educators, gone. out of the blue. have heard people say that the title wave of anguish the country felt has receded. but not for us. to us, it feels as if it happened just yesterday. in the four months since we lost our loved ones, thousands of other americans have died at the end of a gun. other
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been many senseless losses before and since sandy hook, we are determined to make this a turning point for our country. our children can't deliver the legacy that we as parents are instilling in them with the morals and the values. so it is our job as parpts to deliver that legacy forward and be their voice. the change is needed to make our nation safer will take a long time to deliver. but we are not going anywhere. all of us working sandy hook promise are absolutely committed to this cause, and that is why this innovation initiative is so important having so many of the great minds responsible for developing and supporting major advances in technology and recent history for them to turn their attention to solutions to gun violence, mental health, school safety and community. it gives me hope, at a time when hope is most needed. in my family is deeply grateful for this hope and to be part of this positive change that will benefit all of us in the future, thank you. >> ben and jeremy richmond. >> thank you, for having us today. thank you to the tech industry for coming to our aid. my n
at the capitol, the sister of a fallen sandy hook teacher. >> dawn hasbury, 47, december 14th, newtown, connecticut. >> reporter: and to be heard some used twitter, the daughter of sandy hook's principal reached out to senators. others like bill sherlock made the trip to washington for his wife, mary, sandy hook's school psychologist. >> we flew down in air force one and i had a single seat by the window and all i could think about was how i'd rather be at home watching my wife dance around the kitchen, making dinner, dancing to the eagles. >> reporter: he and many others don't want to be advocates but they tell me they expect to come back to d.c. again and again to keep up the pressure with their presence. now even some of those close to this, including the senators who crafted the compromise, can't predict it will pass, but the first test comes tomorrow, when there is a vote, the first of what will be many votes on the guns issue. brian? >> kelly o'donnell starting off with this apparent change on capitol hill, kelly, thanks. >>> first lady michelle obama today addressed gun violence
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. >>> with the families of the victims of the sandy hook massacre watching from the senate gallery today, the senate voted to move forward on massacre volume legislation. the measure passed with 68 votes. 16 republicans joined 52 democrats to overwhelm the republican filibuster threat led by rand paul and ted cruz. julian soto who lost her sister in the newtown massacre, said this. >> we had a good start. this is one thing we needed done, and we're not going anywhere. at least i'm not. >> president obama called the sandy hook family members who have been lobbying congress all week. white house secretary jay carney described the call this way. >> the president congratulated the families, noting the bipartisan progress would not have been possible without their efforts. he reiterated that much work remains and pledged to continue fighting for the votes they deserve. >> every word of every republican argument against gun safety legislation pretends that the united states supreme court has not already defined the limits of the second amendment. republicans pretend their favorite supreme court justice, antonin
and it's not. >> that's david wheeler, the father of ben wheeler who was killed at sandy hook elementary school in newtown. david wheeler speaking there on "60 minutes" sunday night. tomorrow night david wheeler will stand with his wife francine, ben's mom, as she delivers president obama's weekly address. every saturday morning the president of the united states delivers a weekly address. it gets carried on radio, tv stations, air it, it goes up online. this week, tomorrow for the first time ever in the presidency the president will handing off his address to a citizen. he will be handing off his address to francine and to david to talk about them losing ben. what gives a person the strength to do this? when in the process do you realize that you have the strength to not just grieve the loss of your child but also to speak. to take what happened to you and turn it into a way of trying to stop it from happening to someone else's child. do you know from the beginning that you will act to try to protect other people's children now that this has happened to you? or do you find yourself doin
, the indonesian tsunami, the earthquake in haiti and superstorm sandy reminds us that disaster with strike anywhere, and we are not immune. if a major earthquake rocks the bay area, do you know what to do? we live on two major fault, but planning for a catastrophe, we will get to it later. meet dr. franny edwards. she has emergency research and emergency management expertise at the university of irvine as well as san jose university and others. well, we better stop and get to the conversation! good to have you here. >> thank you! >>> nobody expect to get slammed like they did on the east coast with sandy last fall. >> yes. i think natural prepareness is something that people don't think about until we are down to the minute with an emergency. >> we had katrina and sandy. after these things do people get religion, go out, get prepared and all those things and get the kits and all that stuff? >> immediately after a large event you see a peak in interest. more people are going to websites to get information on how to prepare, but prepareness is a lifelong proposition, not a one day ven
. sandy hook shooting was one of the worst shootings in history. our reporter filed this report. >> worried. >> it's the community that is still anxious as their children return to school in newtown, connecticut. classes were back in session except sachbd did i hook elementary where 20 children and six staff members were murdered on. >> a lot of people don't want to be here. >> to send our children to school, we wanted to see them back. we want them to come back home. we want to hold them and hold them and hug them at the end of the day. >> meantime, a welcome sign hangs across the street from the shuttered middle school that is being transformed for students. >> i hope they are able to cope with it. i don't know if they already ready to go back to school anytime soon. >> for adults, mass shootings are terrifying. but what about our children? when our kids ask us for answers, what do we tell them? it's a difficult conversation, but children younger than age 7, they don't need to know about it. but 7-12 years old they need to know they are safe and express the right emotions, suc
imagined that i would be standing here in the wake of 20 little kids having died in sandy hook or six adults who protected them. but sometimes issues find you. so here i am. i am pleased to have the majority leader and majority whip and so many of my colleagues on the floor with me here today. i want to start with the unpleasant parts. i take it is important for all of my colleagues to understand why we're having this debate in next week about gun violence. why for the first time we were able to break the logjam and started doing something about the gun violence that has plagued this nation. to just box your ears and pretend it did not happen. just pretend it did not -- it is not here. it is here. the next new town names are does waiting to be added to the list if we do nothing. here is what we do. sometime in the early morning hours of december 14, a very disturbed, reclusive man named adam lanza went into his mother's arms and shot her dead in her sleep. a few minutes later, maybe hours later, he got in her car and drove to sandy hook elementary school. into the school and began a 1
, especially when we're talking about a universal background check. >> the sandy hook forced them to take a stand. >> sandy brook. >> her injury causes it difficult for her to niend words. >> sandy brook. >> sandy hook. >> sandy brook. >> sandy hook elementary. it's smlg something we can't, you know -- 20 first graders died. >> it's awful. >> the couple originally called for a ban on assault weapons and limbs to high capacity magazines. giffords made a dramatic plea to senators. >> be bold, be courageous, americans are counting on you. >> but they now admit there are limits on what is politically realistic. >> if you were to make the number one thing that congress could do to prevent the kind of violence that you were the victim of, what would it be? >> background checks. >> yeah, certainly. without a doubt. >> giffords has learned to navigate an ipad for e-mail with her left hand because her right hand is paralyzed. but most of her communicating with with former colleagues pressing for gun laws goes through kelly though she doesn't have to say much to make her point, especially in person
, sandy relief or violence against women act, it was about 25% to 40% of the republican caucus and then overwhelming number of democrats who passed those pieces of legislation. so it will be no different if gun reform passes, and immigration reform passes. >> you make a good point, alex. it's very similar to the debt negotiations for the grard bargain. if we're going to pass this, we need huge democratic marge orts, and that means our folks have to man up and woman up and accept a few things that aren't exactly like they want them, too. that's going to be the case on the debt deal and it will be the case on immigration deal. >> but congressman let me ask you, a huge part of this is because the republican party knows that you've ameliorated the image among latinos and hispanic, understanding they're notç monolithic voting blocs. when you have this sort of cross-debate between mod rats in the party, much more broad-minded in terms of their semantic and their actual legislation they're proposing. >> like george will. >> yeah, sure, we'll give george will that. >> on this issue.
and there is no rain in sight. >>> for parents from the sandy hook elementary school victims and the nra has a statement. >>> a district respond after a family claims anything generals in the death -- negligents in the death of their daughter. . >>> gun control supporters are expressing outrage. somebody shouted when vice- president joseph biden read the results of the vote. >> order in the senate, the gallery will refrain... >> several from the sandy hook elementary school were in the senate for the vote and later they joined the president and former congresswoman gabrielle giffords at the white house. >> i am disappointed but not defeated. we return home with the determination that change will happen, maybe not today but it will happen and it will happen soon. >> meanwhile, president barack obama called it ashame full day for washington. >> the worry that the gun lobby would paint them as anti second amendment, but obviously a lot of republicans had that fear but democrats had that fear too so they caved under the pressure. >> the national rifle association released a statement praising th
who helped to clean up after hurricane sandy are being hung out to dry. those who were clearing down trees, they say they haven't been paid for their labor in weeks and they won't get back to work until a check comes through. for some, this lack of promise dearly. ost them >> only i have been eating ramen noodles and moving from hotel to hotel every night. >> the problem is that the original contract was subcontracted out to several companies and that latest subcontracter disappeared. one contractor has stepped up and offered to pay the workers. >> that's unbelievable they are still cleaning up from that. >> since november. >> the name has been retired. never again we will never have a hurricane sandy. >> interesting. isn't that the same thing with katrina? >> andrew, katrina, all the big storms. >> let's talk about our weather. >> it is nice outside. the clouds are rolling in. no rain to speak of, at least not for right now. 67 at reagan national airport. winds are out of the east, southeast. dew point levels are making it feel comfortable outside. high today was 69, which is above
, it restricts the laws -- rights of law-abiding citizen. all ofulse would like to eliminate sandy hook happenings. but this kind of law is confuse vague for the law-abiding, but it is easy for the criminals to get around. and a problem when we look at this, we see that legislation like this can't fix the problem. ine a universal background system can't work as a of the jo reveals unless it is backed up by a universal system. it sets the stage for that. >> uma:ine though it is not written that there would not be a reg i feltry. >> it is prohibited. >> uma: you feel it is it going down dangerous path. >> it will move forward assume is past and people will see it is not working and we are not safer and we are not safer because of no registration. you can't track gun ownership without tracking the gun owners. people are not comfortable with that. who do they vote for or where they go to church or how often and what books they read. >> uma: we heard that background checks would have made no difference in the recent shootings that we had to talk about and for want nation to grieve about . at
in washington from sandy hook. >> i'm a parent. i'm a grandparent. i can't imagine. >> you got it. >> let's all share. i can't imagine. i had to do something. >> carlee, i've got four kids. i've got a sister. i've got two brothers. if something like what happened to vicki happened to any of them, i would be incandescent. never mind grief-stricken. i would just want something to happen. when you see the politicians reacting because they connected in that way, and i applaud senator manchin, he's a good man doing a good thing. but what do you say to those politicians, the senators up there, who are more interested in saving their seat politically than in doing something to prevent another sandy hook? >> i'm 20 years old. my sister was 27 years old. i picked out my own sister's casket. i picked out what my sister will be buried in. i had to do that. no one should ever have to do that. it was a horrible feeling. and maybe if they had to feel that, they would change their mind. they would think differently about this. if they lost someone so close to them, they would definitely change their mind. >>
been looking to make a deal like this for months, ever since the massacre of sandy hook elementary school in december. he made it clear he wanted to work on gun safety not from republicans in the aisle but in the room at the negotiating table. he was pretty optimistic the nra would cooperate. >> i want to call our friends at nra and bring them into it. they have to be at the table. we all have to. i'm telling you, i believe this is a time for all of us to sit down and move in a responsible manner. thick they will. >> that was joe manchin speaking on this network december 17th, three days after the sandy hook massacre. here's what happened next, even as joe manchin was inviting them into the fold the nra was fighting background checks with all their might. in multiple public appearances wayne lapierre called it as an unworkable nightmare of bureaucracy offered up by public elites. joe manchin really wanted to bring nra to the table to work on background checks. he did. late last month, "politico" wrote about the talks and the fact that nra is working with manchin suggested some prog
, december 14, 2012, at sandy hook elementary school. now i flash forward to from 1989 and the stockton tragedy to a law office in san francisco in 1993. where a crazed gunman -- i remember his name but i won't say it -- with an assault weapon killed eight people and wounded six. one of those people was a brave warrior who threw his body over the body of his wife, sacrificing his own life to save hers. now, that young man was one of my son's best friends, and i know personally how these horrific and senseless tragedies live on with the survivors. the parents, the spouses, the children, the family and the friends. it changes their lives and it pierces their hearts forever. so i've told you a couple of stories about california, but let me say this. let's look at what's happened across this nation since sandy hook. in the 120 days since sandy hook, more than 2,200 americans have been killed by gun violence. hardly anyplace was spared. now, we know there are many, many firearms in america. 300 million firearms in the united states. if you were to divide that up, that would be one gun per pe
, especially when we're talking about universal background check. >> reporter: the sandy hook shooting spurred them to take a stand. >> sandy brook -- >> brain damage from giffords' own gunshot wounds make it difficult to find words. >> sandy brook. >> sandy brook. >> sandy hook. sandy hook elementary. something we just can't -- you know, 20 first graders. >> just died. >> in their classrooms. >> awful. >> the couple originally called for a ban on assault weapons and limits to high-capacity magazines. giffords made a dramatic plea to senators. >> be bold. be courageous. americans are counting on you. >> but they now admit there are limits on what is politically realistic. >> if you were to name the number one thing that congress could do to prevent the kind of violence that you were the victim of, what would it be? >> background checks. >> yeah, certainly. without a doubt. >> giffords has learned to navigate an ipad for e-mail with her left hand, because her right hand is paralyzed. but most of her communicating with former colleagues pressing them for new gun laws goes through kelly, mostly o
newtowns. on the evening of december 14 when we left the firehouse at sandy hook, there was a vigil at a church in newtown, st. rose of lima presided over by father bob, who is monsignor robert weiss, a very moving and powerful experience. the church was filled, people stood at the windows to hear what was going on. the governor spoke and so did i, and i said that evening the world is watching newtown. and, in fact, the world was watching newtown, as we knew from the horror of that afternoon when many of us arrived at the church, and first at the firehouse to see families emerging and learning for the first time that their children, their babies, would not be coming home that evening. it was an experience that will stay with me forever. the sights and sounds of that afternoon filled with grief and pain will never leave me. the world was watching newtown that day and that evening, and has watched newtown and connecticut in the days and months since, and i have been privileged to spend many hours and days, weeks and these past months with the families. the world has watched the famili
house address. this morning it was the mom of a child shot and killed at sandy hook elementary school. francine wheeler urged the senate to pass a gun control bill. >> david and i have two sons. our older son nate soon to be ten years old is a fourth grader at sandy hook elementary school. our younger son ben, age six, was murdered in his first grade classroom on december 14th, exactly four months ago this weekend. for him and all of the others taken from us so violently, and too soon, we have to convince the senate to come together and pass common sense gun responsibility reforms that will make our communities safer and prevent more tragedies like the one we never thought would happen to us. >> the wheelers and other families from newtown, connecticut, have been in washington pushing congress to pass tougher gun laws. sensitivity about the newtown massacre is what prompted a u.s. senator to protest a nascar race sponsored by the nra. the nra 500 race kicks off tonight at the texas motor speedway. this week connecticut senator chris murphy asked fox sports not to broadcast the race ca
was the principal of sandy hook elementary school and her sister was a teacher there. both were killed in the december mass shooting that left 20 children and six adults dead. >> we are here to demand action and demand we receive both and we are allowed to have some peace of mind that our loved ones didn't die for no reason the. >> they got what they wanteds republicans threatened to filibuster the gun control debate but the effort was blocked. president obama has called the sandy hook elementary school family whose have been lobbying families and thanked them for the effort. republican senator john cornyn of texas, says the president has been telling the families that republicans don't care about their loss. >> the president is wrong. all of us care about these families. all of us should care about violence in our communities. >> before the senators now is the compromise deal proposed by two senators yesterday. it requires background checks for gun purchases at gun shows and online. opponents say criminals would simply ignore the law. a survivor of the colorado theater shooting sees i
service says sandy will never come back -- at least not that name. the october storm killed dozens of people, caused billions in damage and redrew the map of the eastern seaboard to this day in some places. in sports they raise the jerseys to the rafters and retire the number. that's for the best athletes. in the storm business, only the very worst get retired. that's why sandy won't be back. >>> and something new from the world of medicine. what's being called a kind of tiny magnetic bracelet implanted at the base of the throat. it is shown to greatly help patients with acid reflux. the magnets help to make weak muscles close, cutting off the reverse flow of stomach acid. some patients say the surgery has been a panacea for them. >>> a rare moment on capitol hill today. a photo was tweeted out showing the entire senate at a luncheon -- all 100 of them -- apparently able to come together on one thing -- respect for the five and a half years john mccain spent in captivity as a p.o.w. in hanoi. the group was marking the recent 40th anniversary of his release. as a combat pilot, he wa
since sandy hook elementary school in newtown, connecticut, the killing ground for an apparently deranged young man. the families of the victims of gun violence have been leading the effort to prod congress in enacting the first gun-control legislation in years. in chicago, the first lady spoke of attending the funeral of a young lady who until a week after the inauguration. >> ere is a reason all of us are on this earth. i urge them to use their lives to give meaning. >> the appeals of sandy hook family members moved one senator to tears. >> i am a parent. i have a grandson. [indiscernible] >> that is west virginia democrat's joe machin, who along with republican pat toomey is sponsoring a bill to extend background checks. believe it or not, the legislation has passed its first a filibuster.past charles, what are the chances of this bill passing? >> i think we will get some extension of background checks and they will try to haveome arane there will not be a national registry. it will be a very, very small change. nothing like what people had envisioned after newtown, which was
a mother of a boy killed if the sandy hook school massacre delivers president obama's weekly address. >> sometimes i close my eyes. and all i can remember is that awful day, waiting at the sandy hook volunteer fire house for the boy who would never come home. >> bans for high capacity ammunition clips and assault weapons are expected to be defeated. >>> a florida police gun instructor fired after stirring up new trouble in the trayvon martin case. sergeant ron king says he planned to use targets like these for a no-shoot training aide. the photos show a face less person in a hoodie carrying skittles and iced tea, clearly resembling trayvon martin. the family was outraged. >>> new details coming out in a case of a 15-year-old california girl who was allegedly sexually assaulted by three boys at her skoal. her family announced details of the lawsuit they plan to file. the suspects are said to have taken pictures of the assault and pose posted them. >>> and the loser in venezuela's residential race is demanding a recount. he had lost to a hand-picked candidate. the final count gave the
of a boy killed at sandy hook delivered tdeliver ed the president's weekly address. >> sometimes i close my eyes. all i remember is wait agent the sandy hook four house for the boy who would never come home. >> both proposals are likely to be defeated. >>> a florida police gun intrukter fired after stirring up new trouble in the trayvon martin case. he planned to use target ts like these for a no-shoot training aide. the photos show a face less person in a hoodie carrying skitdles. >>> new details in a story of a 15-year-old girl who committed suicide after she was sexually assaulted while drunk. her family is planning to file charges. >>> and the loser in venezuela's residential race is demanding a recount. he had lost to a hand-picked candidate. the final count gave the election to the winner by about 300,000 votes. both sides con plained of voter frauds in the hours after the polls closed. >>> new fears that the bird flu will rise outside of china. the first case reported in beijing over the weekend. as the flu moves across the country. four international flu expects will arrive in china
that. because here is the reason why. because when you look at tucson, when i look at sandy hook. when i look at aurora, colorado, in not one of those instances would any of the bills being discussed in the united states senate. >> bill: there is too many guns on the street. >> no, no. this is about mental health. every one of those heinous crimes was carried out by someone who is severely mentally ill. >> bill: right. but they get access to the guns. >> what this administration is doing is the worst. >> bill: but answer my question here. >> sure. >> bill: if you require firearms registration. >> right? >> right. >> therefore, the criminal doesn't register. >> um-huh. >> because they wouldn't. right? >> okay. >> the criminal wouldn't. >> okay. >> and they grab them either state, local, no matter, what or federal. you slap a 10 year mandatory on them. >> um. >>um that would control bad guys from getting guns. >> let's take the example then. let's apply your here to adam lanza and sandy hook. he didn't have those guns registered. his mother did. >> bill: right. >> he walks in and kills.
to a newtown mom who lost a son at sandy hook. we'll see how her emotional message affects the gun control debate. >>> a miracle on the bali sea. a passenger plane splits in two while crashing into the waters off the resort, but amazingly, everyone survives. we've got their incredible story. >>> and winter just won't leave the midwest. millions of americans could be dealing with as much as a foot of new snow. we'll get the latest on that from the fox extreme weather center. >>> but first, we begin with growing efforts to help calm t crisis. the secretary of state john kenny working on a series high stakes meetings. the secretary trying to urge leaders there to put pressure on the north korean government amid troubling reports that pyongyang is slowly approaching a deadline to a possible missile launch. greg pal cot is streaming live from south korea. >> reporter: dip low mdiplomacys are heating up. secretary kerry is at this moment in beijing. he's wrapping up meetings there. he's seeing the president of china and a host of other senior officials. china is north korea's number one ally. it
group practices sandy eventually various states in the southwest banning polygamy for example,. >>host: with massachusetts or pennsylvania as a case study of states regulating religion. >> pennsylvania had been active blasphemy law that we would now think of as unconstitutional and the last case, the last gallup -- criminal prosecution was in the early 1970's by accident again someone who had a sign in his window that said wanted radical carpenter speaking piece of they thought it was blasphemous and the aclu got involved quickly and the prosecution was dropped. more recently the film company owner tried to name his company i choose hal productions and was denied and corporation under the laws because it was blasphemous. and that eventually was dismissed. >>host: why did it start to change in the air of the 20th century? >> i think especially with the growth of the federal government with the new deal era, the other was the embrace of migration and pluralism that it began to use sees a little bit after the early 20th centuries and the new deal forced so many people on to the move looki
and greater risk of extension -- [inaudible] likely increase of intense hurricanes like superstorm sandy and much higher sea levels. you might also want to read the editorial in the economist from the same day which advocates for government policies to cut carbon pollution. finally, mr. chairman, if you want to look at an article in the scientific journal "nature and climate change" that came out just this week, the article explains this scientific issue, and it is anything but comforting. and i think, mr. chairman, this highlights the need to have a series of hearings, not just one hearing two years ago, but a series of hearings on climate change science so that this committee can better understand all the issues, better understand what's at stake. thank you, mr. chairman, for your indulgence. >> well, you know, i'm delighted that you raise that issue, and i really appreciate your referring everybody to this article. i think everyone should read this article. and all of us could pick out specific parts of this article to butt rest the argument -- buttress the argument we want to make. t
the sandy hook elementary school shootings. california senators agree the debate should move forward. >> reporter: dianne feinstein and barbara boxer voted yes to open debate. the senate will begin voting tuesday. first up a bill to expans background checks -- expand background checks and they will concern the assault weapons bad and school security. congresswoman nancy pelosi is hopeful they will pass these measures. >> if the public, including members of the nra understand that more needs to be done. >> reporter: volunteers put 3300 grave markers on the national mall for victims of gun violence. ktvu channel 2 news. >>> federal authorities revoked the ice ons of the -- license of the gun store involved in the sandy hook elementary school shooting. they sold the guns to the mother of adam lanza. >>> immigration reform may finally be on the horizon. the gang of 8 announced today they have reached a agreement on all the major elements of sweeping legislation. they expect to unveil the bill next week. the agreement follows months of close door negotiations. the senators say at this poi
day waiting at the sandy hook volunteer firehouse for the boy who would never come home. >> are lawmakers lng and what's coming next? >>> what happened on the green that has so many golfers seeing red? tonight should tiger disqualify himself. >> good evening. thanks for being here on a saturday night. we begin with that image right here behind me, a terrifying crash landing in one of the most beautiful vacation places on earth. the fuselage broken in two. you can see the headline, everyone surviving. authorities are pointing to something new about the passenger seat. the moments after the crash in bali, the cell phone caught the chaos, passengers and crew skrak blg to get out. passengers standing on the wings of the plane. fishing boats pulling up to help. lisa stark on the final moments of that flight and the remarkable story of survival. >> reporter: terrifying moments on board an indonesia jet liner that slammed into the ocean just short of the runway on the resort island of bali. officials say the plane with 108 passengers and crew was coming in for a landing but nev
in the sandy hook massacre. >> we'll return home now, disappointed, but not defeated. we return home with the determination that change will happen. maybe not today, but it will happen. it will happen soon. >> the amendment is not agreed to. >> reporter: with the vice president presiding, the bill fell short of the 60 votes it needed to pass. prompting someone in the galleries to shout out. >> order in the senate. >> reporter: the vote was a crushing disappointment to the victims of gun violence who had been pleading with senators to pass the bill. many of them were here to watch as the vote went down. 12-year-old james barden whose little brother was murdered at sandy hook was there. >> i feel we owe it to daniel. 'cause his life needs to mean something. and no one else should have to do this. >> reporter: this was just one part of the president's plan that would have expanded background checks to all purchases at gun shows and online. they're now only required for guns bought at gun dealers. it means the rest of the president's plan is effectively dead. although joe biden told us t
to like this bill. >> the senate prepares to debate the first gun-control legislation since the sandy hook school shooting, but does it have enough supporters to pass? >>> there it is! adam scott, a life changer. >> and a masterful finish to golf's most celebrated tournament. adam scott becomes the first australian to don the green jacket as masters champion. this is the "cbs morning news" for monday, april 15th, 2013. >>> good morning. good to be with you. i'm anne-m green the united states says it is readto on new talks with north korea. that's despite the recent threats the north has made of a possible nuclear strike. speaking in tokyo, secretary of state john kerry said the u.s. would be a ready partner if the north abandoned its nuclear program. in an interview to be seen a little later on on "cbs this morning," our margaret brennan asked kerry if the offer still applies even if north korea test fires another missile. >> there are some things that if he were to do would be even more provocative and dangerous. i think if he shoots the missile, which i think is both unnecessary, unwarra
is what happened to those beautiful babies up in sandy hook. look. joe this is one of the cases where the public is so far ahead of the elected officials. i mean so far ahead. you saw it in immigration, you saw it in major issues and you're seeing it now. the public has moved to a different place. >> it's a big day for the debate over guns in america as the u.s. senate opens the first round in the showdown over new legislation aimed at reining in the violence. at 11:00 members will hold a vote to begin the debate on the bill. 60 votes are required to move the legislation forward. if that happens the first matter of business will be the background check compromise from senators joe manchin and pat toomey. it's a bipartisan plan that has triggered new moment on capitol hill although the future is far from over. welcome to "morning joe." we have sam stein with us this morning. former director of the white house domestic policy council and ceo of melanie barnes solution. melanie barnes. and willie geist. mike barnicle. and the host of politics nation and president of the national action n
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